Body repair: the dismantling of car body

The amount of repair and the condition of car directly affects the dismantling of car bodies. These measures define what kind of dismantling you should make: full or partial. No one body repair can be realized without the dismantling of car body.

Body repair

The partial dismantling is made if the car body is in a good condition, and only its separate parts, damaged as a result of an accident, weakened fastenings or wear, need repair. The full dismantling is realized only during the major repairs of the car, when all the components need repairing.

Before starting the dismantling of car, you should take it to the specially equipped premises and realize the outer cleaning with water. Then the body pass through the preliminary control, during which the masters inspect the components and details, which must be separated from the body during its repair (they include windshields, fittings containing, body upholstery, decorative linings, etc.), to find out if they need repairs.